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Tips to Avert Motorbike Accidents Through Regular Maintenance

28. Aug 2017 05:25, auautelblog

Among all vehicles on the road, motorbikes are highly prone to accidents. As a motorcycle owner, you need to take responsibility of the maintenance of your motorbike, which will help you to avoid unwanted accidents. The maintenance of a motorcycle involves checking certain things on a regular basis.


Checking the Motorcycle Specs for Proper Maintenance


Routine maintenance of your motorbike helps you to maintain your safety as well as the safety of other vehicles on the road. When you buy your motorcycle, you'll also get motorcycle specs with it Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Study it carefully to understand the different parts of your motorcycle and for instructions on regular maintenance.


If you didn't receive the motorbike specs from the dealer, then try to get it directly from the motorbike company. Having the motorcycle specifications with you will help you to understand the maintenance requirements of your bike. You may find the specs of your motorbike on the Internet. A workshop manual of the motorcycle that you own can also be of help. The Internet as well as auto shops are a good source of finding motorcycle specs of the model you have. You may also find a DVD or CD of such a manual.


Car Maintenance vs. Motorbike Maintenance


Maintaining a motorbike is very different from maintaining a car. If there are minor defects in your car, you can perhaps ignore them. Most of the times, they are not very serious. However, even small defects in your motorbike should not be overlooked. Ignoring even a tiny maintenance detail in your motorcycle can be hazardous.


Daily Motorcycle Maintenance


The daily checkup routine for your motorbike should be as follows:


• Brakes: Before you take out your bike for a ride Autel MaxiDiag MD808, ensure the brakes are working properly.


• Oil level: Check the level of oil in your bike when it is standing on a level ground.


• Tires: You should check the condition of the tires before venturing out on your motorbike.


• Chain: The chain of your motorbike should be lubricated properly in order to avoid any hassles on the road. Test the tension of the chain every day.


• Tire pressure: You must keep the tire pressure of your motorcycle at the level or at least close to the pressure level mentioned in your motorcycle specs.


• Lights: Check well ahead of your ride whether all the lights on your motorbike are working or not, especially, the light for brakes.


Regular Motorcycle Maintenance


Following are the list of things you should check on your motorbike on a regular basis, if not every day:


• Wheel bearings - Grab the wheel attached to a wheel bearing and pull it up to check for any sideways play.


• Battery - The electrolyte level in your motorcycle batteries should be checked from time to time, besides all the battery connections.


• Brakes - Every day you should check whether the brakes are working or not and from time to time evaluate the brakes for the fluid levels. Analyze the thickness of the brake shoes or the brake pads and check the brake hoses for signs of deterioration.


• Swinging arm bearings - Pull the back wheel of your bike off the ground and check that the swingarm should not have any sideways movement.


• Nuts and bolts - Keep a spanner handy for checking and tightening all the screws, nuts and bolts in your motorbike.


• Cables and levers - Use a cable oiler on a regular basis to help all the levers and cables in your motorbike to operate smoothly.

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