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Types of Surly Bikes

27. Oct 2017 04:46, auautelblog

Interested in various Surly Bicycles and frames? Here's some information.


Surly Cross Check


Built as a cyclocross racer, the Cross Check is fantastic as a touring bicycle or a high-performance towpath cruiser. To please the single speed lovers, it contains horizontal back dropouts. However, the product comes with a derailleur hanger for those who prefer to have gears. To hold your things and keep the sludge away while commuting, it is equipped with rack and fender mounts. Utilized by several CC employees, this is a very popular Surly frame. It utilizes standard 700c road wheels and comes as an entire bicycle in Beef Gravy Brown or Gloss Black.


Surly Long Haul Trucker


This frame is designed for that continental (or global) bike trip you have been fantasizing about your entire life. It now has additional wheel size selections for 2010. Bicyclists can opt for 26-inch wheels with frames of all sizes or 700c wheels with 56cm or bigger frames. The increased wheelbase offers steadiness and helps to avoid the dreaded toe and heel hits on your panniers. In addition to containers for two spare spokes, and three water bottle cage mounts, it is equipped with complete rack and fender mounts. If the Cross-Check is the sports utility vehicle of bicycle frames, then the Long Haul Trucker is the 18-wheeler. You can purchase the Long Haul as an entire bicycle in Black or Blue Velvet. The Pacer The Pacer is perfect for those who desire conventional steel road bicycles. It favors thin 700x23c road wheels, although it can manage wheels up to 700x32c in width. You can even add fenders to it! The British Racin' Green color is a new option for 2010 and can be purchased as a complete bicycle.


Surly Steamroller


Featuring a track-legal bottom bracket height, horizontal back dropouts and minimal embellishments, the Steamroller was made for the velodrome. It has no cable stops, racks, or fender eyelets and contains one bottle cage mount. The brakes are not obligatory. Available as an entire bicycle in Creamroller or Black, this bicycle will crush its competitors.


Surly 1x1


The 1x1 is Surly's first and original bike frame item! Go for the 1x1 if your ideal biking experience consists solely of you, the path, the melody of your own breath, and the breeze in your tresses. The single speed-specific frame is compatible with both v-brakes and discs. It includes an unbending fork and comes as a frameset in Black or Orange.


Surly Karate Monkey


The Karate Monkey was made for Armageddon. As the rest of the population frantically looks for remaining oil resources, you will be discovering the wilderness with your chic Karate Monkey. You are sorely mistaken if you believe that this is merely a run of the mill 29-inch wheel mountain bicycle. It can be designed as a super-commuter, mountain bike, cyclocross, or anything you desire! You can have discs or v-brakes. It can be single speed or geared Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, completely pimped-out or low key. It includes a rigid fork. However, it will accept any standard 29er suspension fork. The Karate Monkey comes in Dark Black or Chum Bucket Red.


Surly Pugsley


The creators of Surly wanted to make a bicycle that was capable of managing their year-round commuting demands autel. They are very knowledgeable about winter because they're based in the city of Minneapolis. The Pugsley can handle wheels as wide as four inches (which Surly can supply, plus the rims to mount them on) to cross over land that would not be traversable on any other bicycle. The potholes of Cleveland are no big deal. Navigating through the sand and sludge of the Australian Outback will be a breeze. No need to worry about ice or snow on the Iditarod Trail. You can do anything you want. The Pugsley can be purchased only as a frameset (fork included) in Granpa's Jammy's.

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