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Checking Your Car's Truck's Van

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UK Motorists Continue To Be Effected

3. Nov 2017 03:00, auautelblog

As UK motorists know very well it’s all too easy to get a chipped windscreen. These chips can be caused very easily by loose stones on the road surface, whether you’re travelling on the motorway or residential streets.


Recently the AA has released a survey revealing that potholes are the most common cause of windscreen damage. If you are a UK motorist then you know what I’m talking about. Our roads are rifled with potholes, 20% of local roads are considered to be in poor condition.


“Potholes have caused damage to over a third of driver’s vehicles in the last two years”


Deal with your windscreen dilemmas


More than one in ten drivers ignore windscreen chips or cracks; it is important that you deal with them as soon as they occur in order to avoid further damage to the glass.
In the North West alone 29% of vehicles have suffered damage due to potholes in the last two years, reaching up to 50% in the Eastern Region.


Check your vehicle regularly


It is quite common for motorists not to notice a chipped side or rear window. It is important to check your vehicle thoroughly. Not replacing a side or rear windscreen when first noticed can impair vision and cause down time to your vehicle.


The best way to check for chips is to rub you finger over the surface of the windscreen. This way you will feel any uneven surfaces. Also ensure that you clean both the inside and outside of you windscreen regularly Autel Diaglink.


It is possible to claim for pothole damage from the Highways Agency. You must state the precise location and time of the incident. We recommend pulling over at a safe and convenient time and making note of any damage, for example location and time (as precise as possible). You should also provide any supporting evidence that you may have. Take photographs of any damage but please do not revisit the scene on foot, whatever the road; it is likely to be highly dangerous. Don’t forget unauthorised trespass on the motorway network is a criminal offence Autel MaxiDiag MD808.


AD Windscreens always aim to carry out our high quality replacements as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is because we are a customer focused company and dedicated to catering to your every need, providing windscreen replacement services that are tailored around you and your vehicle.

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