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Used Toyota - The Aygo & Its Popularity

2. Mar 2018 03:18, auautelblog

Currently the second hand car market is skewed because of the scrappage scheme which has reduced the number of second hand cars available. This has increased the price of used cars so for the first time in history certain cars are probably worth more than you paid for them. Although there are less used cars available mostly the ones over 10 years old, there are still some fantastic deals on the market.


Since its launch in 2005 the Aygo has been a popular car to own. Now that 4 years have passed the second hand car market is looking very promising. Firstly they are still economical to drive because of the engine, size and weight of the car. Secondly road tax (new and used Aygos will only have to pay £20 per year road tax from April 2010) and insurance groups are still low which means the car is cheap to run. And lastly the car is cheaper to repair than other types of hatchbacks or superminis because of the way the car and parts have been designed. This would make an ideal car for anybody that was looking to own a cost effective vehicle.


The Toyota Aygo was a bargain at a competitively priced £3990 with the age of the car being just under 3 years old it was a great deal. The only downside about the car was the fact it had done over 60,000 miles when I bought it. For a three year old used Aygo prices range from £7000 to £3500. Prices can vary due to where in the country the car is being sold autel maxidas ds808, age, condition, mileage, MOT and road tax expiry date, number of owners and the service history.


The Toyota Aygo only has 4 seats and a small boot but it is adequate enough for the needs of most 24 year old singletons. The Toyota Aygo is made in the same factory as the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107. All three have similar characteristics as one another such as the size and chassis to a certain extent. Used car prices vary slightly between the three manufacturers but all of them offer great value for money. Ford has updated the Ka probably to try and compete with superminis such as the Aygo already on the market. I prefer the design of the Aygo although there are limited colour choices when purchasing this used Toyota supermini. Most of the older Aygos I have seen are red in colour whereas the C1, 107 and particularly the Ka seem to have more colours available.


Overall though the Aygo is a great buy and everyone I have spoken to are happy with the car's performance. Indeed the owner of the car I purchased upgraded to a brand new Aygo model. Owners also sell their Aygos not because they are unhappy with the car but due to lifestyle changes e Autel MaxiCOM MK808.g. they need a car with 5 seats or bigger boot. If you require a car that is cheap to run and you only need a small amount of space then this is a great car for you.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Toyota cars.
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