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We Take Our Car's Ignition Switches For Granted

3. May 2018 03:51, auautelblog

Ignition switches. The place in the steering column of your auto where you insert your car key. It was not long ago that an automobile's ignition switch had but one simple solitary job - that was to turn the primary circuit off and on. Now on top of everything else the simple key and ignition switch operates a whole host and quandary of devices. On top of that it uses an array of complex security and RFID circuits to determine even if your vehicle will fire up at all once you turn that key.


The role and job of that simple ignition switch is not so basic anymore.


It is not only that the switch determines electronic security - of course it also actuates the automobile's starter motor , connects the alternator and accessories , locks the steering wheel and sounds a buzzer if the motorist or car owner accidentally leaves the key behind in it.


Overall it can be said in the history of this device as the functions of the ignition switch and its whole array became more complex and elaborate - so also did its construction. On most ignition switches found in today's cars, trucks, S.U.V.'s and busses, you will find that there are five positions each with a separate function. These may be in order - but not necessarily all in place in any one vehicular brand or model - "lock" "off" "on" and "accessory". There may also be in some older models a "run" setting.


Usually in first position the "accessory" position allows you to operate various eclectically operated components on your auto without supplying voltage to the car's ignition system, which would not only drain the battery needlessly, but also could "burn up" the ignition system. On most modern and current vehicles options , or what many now consider standard conveniences , such as power eclectically operated windows and seats can only be operated when the switch is actually in the "on " position for reasons of safety.


When the switch is turned to the "lock" position, all power that is supplied through the ignition switch is fully "cut off". Power that does not go through the ignition switch itself - such as that for the headlights and the cigarette / cigar lighter is however constantly supplied by the auto's battery without interruption or control. In the "lock" position only then can the ignition key be removed?


Secondly on almost all cars with the locking steering wheel system, there is an "off" position just to the right of the lock (or backwards away from the dashboard of the car). This "off" position allows the steering wheel as well as the gear selector to be operated without draining the battery. This position is used when steering service of suspension being performed or alternatively when adjusting the selector linkage at your local auto garage or dealership service department Autel MaxiCOM MK808.


Another very important function of the ignition switch itself is that it directs power to the primary ignition circuit. It seems that an engine needs all the voltage it can get in order to start efficiently especially on cold winter mornings in the northern US states and western Canadian provinces autel maxidas ds808. Already cranking speed is hindered is hindered in the cold by the cold thick motor oil in the engine's crankcase. Interestingly because of these cold weather and extreme starting needs ignition switches incorporate a special bypass electrical electronic circuit that allows full voltage to be supplied for starting your vehicle.


Seer how we expect so much from the simple ignition switch , as it becomes more and more complex , taking on more and more roles and responsibilities in your vehicle , all the while expecting 100 % reliability and consistency in the running of and maintenance functions of our cars.

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