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What You Need to Know About Shopping in Used Car Lots

11. Jun 2018 04:12, auautelblog

Visiting any car dealerships or car lots, whether used or new can be an intimidating experience. Inherent in a new car lot is the implied factor that the car will be new and should give you no problems until the warranty has expired. Whereas used car lots seem to imply that the cars for sale have been discarded by their owners so they can purchase another newer or better car.


This isn't entirely true though because the used car lots also extend warranties for the vehicles they sell. Most used car lots will examine a used vehicle before they accept it for sale. They usually have an extensive check list which they use to verify that the car is drivable and can be sold as a used car.


Today there are laws in place that protect the used car buyer. The days of bait and switch are, fortunately mostly a thing of the past. Used car dealers generally run an immaculate operation and the used cars they sell can be a pretty decent deal. After all the rumor is that as soon as you drive those new back tires out the driveway of a new car lot, into the street, your new car has decreased in value by at least 30% or more. So it does make sense to consider buying a used car as your next new car.


Still, visiting a large used car dealer's lot can be intimidating. You pull onto the lot and park in a space. There you are seemingly immediately approached by a horde of aggressive sales people autel maxidas ds808. If you tell them you would just like to look Autel Diaglink, they fade away for a short while. As soon as you seem to get interested in a car, one or more of them swoops down on you offering to show you the vehicle. At some point they will ask what do you want to spend on a new car. When you answer, they will direct you to something that suits your budget. During the discussion they will also ask you how you will pay for the vehicle or if you intend to use the car you arrived in as a trade in toward the purchase price.


Because you want them to think you are a valid potential customer and not someone just looking, you need to have some documents with you so you can fill out the application for credit and get approved before you purchase that car. You should bring your driver's license, proof of insurance for a current car you own, and a paycheck stub or proof of some form of regular pay that you have from the place where you are employed.


Of course, you might have pre-approved credit from your bank or credit union. If you do, it gives you some bargaining power to negotiate down the price of that new car. Whether they provide the financing or you already have it, be prepared to spend time negotiating that used car price lower.

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